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SJ IM Premium - $49.99/FREE
Internet messenger that guarantees 100% privacy thanks to the latest encryption algorithms.

SJ Screen Saver
Our secure screen saver will keep your privacy while you're away from your computer.

PGPTools - $0.99
Universal app for encrypting text messages. With the help of PGPTools you can with a single click to encrypt the text and give it to any convenient way (e-mail, sms, skype, etc.)

PGPFiles - from $0.99
Is a multiplatform application for encryption/decryption of files with the use of PGP.
Using PGPFiles you can encrypt or decrypt any file in just one click.

Safex - for $0.99
A simple application that allows you to keep your contacts, photos, text notes etc. confidential from other users!

Email Secure
A full-featured e-mail client for mobile devices with an in-built email encryption system in just 1 click (PGP supported).

Encryption machine for encryption and decryption using PGP CryptoTools is a app that can be used to encrypt and decrypt all possible file types and text using the PGP encryption.



How it works?


We all have skeletons in the closet. Thanks SJ IM my stayed there!
I purchased this program just in time!
Thanks for the great software - now my correspondence in Facebook is encrypted
and no one else will be able to read my personal messages.
I am personally not familiar with security, but SJ IM Messenger helped me
set up secure correspondence with my partners in one click!
Works great on my iPad2. I advise all of our partners!
From this day my firm are not afraid of competitors. Thank you!

More about SJ IM

SJ IM is a new free internet messenger which allows you send messages in absolute anonymity..

What are the particularities of SJ jabber client?

  • Personal data high level protection;
  • Encryption of transmitted information;
  • No need for the user to configure the system;
  • OSCAR support (ICQ messenger)

The need to develop such an application appeared as a result of growing demand for encryption and protection of personal information.

Many Internet users transmit sensitive data to their interlocutors via instant messages. To ensure correspondence confidentiality they had to use and configure encryption all by themselves. Previously to work with the system, considerable experience and skills were necessary.

We have created a solid defense working automatically, quickly, and not requiring any finalization.

Using SJ IM software, and being sure of its safety at the same time, is as easy as going to a mall. However, in this case you do not have to spend money, as you can get the free version of the program - SJ Lite.

Our program is the best solution for those without a deep knowledge in the field of encryption as it ensures easy installation, configuration and operation.

SJ IM is jabber client, with built in encryption. Working with our web messenger is similar to other clients based on XMPP (Jabber) protocol. SJ IM correspondence is completely anonymous and protected from unauthorized access.

We have done a great job. Stable versions for OS Windows, Mac OS X and iOS were released. Currently the testing of jabber client for Android is taking place. We are also planning to develop clients for Symbian and Blackberry.

The next step is the integration of encrypted voice communication.

XMPP protocol description

To appreciate the beauty of this technology, let’s cite its main advantages.

First of all, we should mention that Jabber protocol is completely open, allowing a great number of various clients and servers to use this platform.

The second important point is related to the fact that XMPP is based on XML standards, which by its flexibility and extensibility allows the interaction with any other instant messaging systems, such as AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and even Mail.ru. In addition, you have the option of subscribing to RSS-news.

Third, thanks to its decentralized architecture, it allows anyone to get their own Jabber-server and experiment with IM-clients installed on their computer.

Finally, the safety is another strong point of this protocol. Almost all Jabber implementations use SSL for identification data exchange between the client and the server, which significantly reduces the risk of password theft by "listening" to user’s network traffic. In addition, within the protocol some applications use PGP / GPG message encryption.

Generally, Jabber is a real lucky find for anyone concerned about safety and privacy on the Internet!

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