Unlike other IM clients present on the market, SJ is able to provide a fully automatic email encryption based on the principle of PGP key exchange!
Supports protocol OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging).


SJ is a unique IM client capable of transferring small files through third-party services (internal service and a third-party service

File transfer uses ZIP archiving system with passwords, which significantly increases the safety of sending and receiving files.


Another additional important feature of SJ IM messenger is the ability to encrypt the correspondence history kept by SJ in its database. Third parties will have no access to your correspondence history without the password from your PGP key.


The main problem for the owners of any business is to secure the communications between employees, partners, etc.

SJ IM (messenger) solves this problem. It is expressly designed to guarantee the security of correspondence, for regular users and large companies.

The following are SJ's main advantages:
  1. Automatic message encryption.
    Your employees won’t be obligated to have a great experience in working with computers to secure communication between the employees of the company.
  2. The use of external and internal servers.

Although SJ is the IM client, we recommend that you use Jabber server for correspondenceа.

There is one question that will arise for any reasonable person concerned by the security of his business: "Who is on the other side?"

You get complete independence in this matter.

You’ll be able to:
  • Use public servers like Gtalk, Jabber, ICQ, etc.
  • Set up your own jabber-server anywhere you want, at home, in your technical room, under the table!
    This feature gives you full autonomy!
  • File transfer
    The best way to transfer small files is to do it through third-party services using password protected archives!
  • Multiplatform
    SJ supports the most popular systems in the world: Windows and Mac OS, and works no matter the computer you use.
  • Complete independence from third party servers.
    Most companies that provide software to protect corporate communication use their servers for data transfer! SJ IM messenger enables you to use both its own and third-party servers.

You make the right choice, if you choose to base the communication of your company on SJ IM!


  • Automatic encryption of the communication based on PGP and OTR
  • Sending messages using both internal and third-party servers. (XMPP server)
  • Possibility to localize correspondence.
  • File transfer via these services
  • Multiple platforms.
  • Complete independence from third party services.

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