Email Secure

A full-featured e-mail client for mobile devices with an in-built email encryption system in just 1 click (PGP supported).

  • Supports the biggest PGP key servers in the world.

    EmailSecure is an automatic email encryption and decryption system without manual assignment of keys to the recipient.

    The app automatically searches for public keys and synchronizes them for encrypted correspondence using the world’s largest PGP key servers. The problem of constantly searching and adding keys for encryption and decryption is solved in one app!

    EmailSecure removes the need for frequent updating and assigning of keys to the recipient – the app automatically works with the largest PGP key servers.

  • Work with those email services that you are already used to!

    EmailSecure is a flexible app that enables you to work with all email services – both private and corporate, proprietary and personal. Connect your Gmail or account in two clicks, and continue to use your email accounts without worrying about data interception by third parties!

    The application allows you to use both your own email server with manual configuration and world's major e-mail services, which is very convenient and saves you from paying for a service imposed on you, which you don’t need.

    With EmailSecure, you’ll always be free to choose how and with whom you prefer to work.

  • Safety above all!

    EmailSecure is a full-featured email client with an in-built PGP encryption system that provides full security to your personal and business correspondence.

    In PGP encryption, having only a private key to decrypt information, you can obtain data in an open form. EmailSecure makes you completely confident that the information encrypted using the application cannot be decrypted by anyone.
    With PGP keys, you can be totally confident in the privacy of your correspondence.

  • Say YES to encryption.

    EmailSecure enables you to receive and send messages in encrypted or unencrypted form.

    Habits make us human. EmailSecure allows you to be flexible and to encrypt only what you want to encrypt. The app allows you not to change your habits when communicating with friends, but it will push you into the correct habit of encrypting what you want to encrypt.
    Use encryption with those with whom you need to!

  • Files are important!

    EmailSecure – file encryption is embedded into the app by default.

    The present time makes us understand that not all the most important things in life can be passed through text. Today, file transfer is an integral part of correspondence. With mail client EmailSecure, you can encrypt all the transmitted PGP files without changing your usual scheme of work.
    You don’t need to pay for services imposed since everything you need has been gathered in one place.

  • Simple and convenient!

    EmailSecure will easily become a good habit for you wherever you are.

    According to statistics, mobile users spend 80% of their time on the Internet!
    We are just offering you to make your correspondence safe!

  • Separation of keys by email addresses

    EmailSecure enables you to use different PGP keys for each of your email addresses.

    No need to limit yourself to using different key pairs for each email account.

Why EmailSecure?

  • Top 6 features of our application,
    that will help you make the right choice


    Without exaggeration, it is the simplest secure Email client for Android and iOS.


    Implementation of search and synchronization system with the largest PGP key servers makes it as much easier as possible to use the app.


    PGP encryption system is world’s most secure system for correspondence!


    Doesn't tie you down to a specific email server or service. You can add as many accounts as possible.


    Use that which you are already accustomed to with no subscriptions and additional payments!


    You can encrypt and decrypt not only messages but also files in one app.

  • Top 6 features of our application,
    that will help you make the right choice


    EmailSecure includes everything that the user may need to encrypt and decrypt.


    Our development team has been in the data security industry for over 7 years!

    Cross platform

    Works on both Andoroid and iOS.


    You encrypt only what you need without imposed services.


    You are not tied to any specific service or platform. Use what is convenient for you 24/7/365.


    A unique full-featured secure Email client!

  • Incredibly, reliable, easy and convenient.
    For me was the discovery that protect my correspondence is so easy. Easy integration with gmail and other services and convenient intuitive interface. Five stars out of five.

    Alex, CTO
    «Y market inc.»
  • Privacy, correspondence and protection of trade secrecy. All requirements are solved with one-stop solution. And it is called "E-mail secure".

    George, Top Manager
    «Console solutions» LLC
  • The decision at first sight elementary but elegant and solves a range of information security issues. Bravo developers, you've done an excellent job. Mail is always with me and is always protected.

    Michael, Developer
  • To date, protection of private correspondence as relevant as ever. At a time when technology is developing rapidly, it is important to understand that to protect their data has been a priority of everyone who wants to achieve success.

    Sahim, Security Expert


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  • up to 10 users
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